On Page Optimization

We create and develop on page strategies that target the right keywords and expanding and reaching your target audience.

On Page optimization plays a major role in targeting keywords and getting relevant audience to your website or to a particular landing page. We analyze and discuss with your team to determine the keywords to target and choose the most relevant pages on your site and optimize and fine tune the keywords for getting maximum response.

On Page SEO

Our team in Bangalore will evaluate in detail all the aspects of the website and make recommendations and changes as needed. One page analysis is the initial step of an SEO consultant to look into. Proper on page optimization of your site can not only help your website to rank well in Google but also converts more leads and improve the overall user experience. Common on page problems includes:

 Missing meta data or irrelevant meta tags.

 Duplicate titles.

 301 and 404 redirect issues.

 Duplicate content.

 Non-optimized headings.

 Non-optimized Title tags and URL.

What is On page SEO?

On page optimization refers to the factors on a particular web page that can help improve search engine rankings. Keyword content, titles , meta tags, URLs and internal links plays an imprtant role amplifying your seo on page factors.

To help you derive the maximum benefit of ranking your site higher in Google, we look into details the most relevant pages and work towards it to rank it higher on the search engines. We help and guide to on page seo that help you get started. Below are some of the factors that is important for on page seo are:


If you want certain keywords to be ranked higher, then it’s important to place those keyword targets in your content. We analyze your requirements and do keyword research to help find the volume of the target keywords to help optimize your site.


We analyze your existing URLs to check if there is broken links and provide you with a report for the same. We identify and develop appropriate anchor text for both inbound and out links for the site. A good internal link structure with relevant anchor text definitely helps in SEO. For E.g. “Chinese restaurant in Bangalore” is a better anchor text than “order now”.


Many of the websites that we see are slow due to large image sizes being uploaded in their site. This makes the site speed slow and affects overall user experience and rankings. Search engine spiders can only read text and not images. Proving proper alt text to describe your image helps in better giving meaning to search engines.


Based on keyword research on your industry whether it is a service oriented or an eCommerce product oriented, we identify and gather relevant long tail keyword target along with the actual long tail keyword that help optimize your site for. For e.g. Adding common keywords like “best”, “top 10”, “must” along with the seed keyword helps with expanding long tail keyword targets.