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Professional Website Design Company in Bangalore

Professional web design company that you can trust to deliver the most user friendly, feature rich and robust website designs. At Radiumsphere we deliver high performing websites that is search engine friendly and responsive design. Whether you are a startup looking for an ecommerce website or a static website, we can help you both. The web development team at Radiumsphere will inquire and understand your requirements first to develop the perfect website for your business that will help build your online growth further. If you already have or existing website or would like to completely redesign the website we can help design it from the scratch adding features that would be user friendly and search engine optimized. We provide clean and elegant design and promise to deliver in time at an affordable price.

Looking For Responsive Web Design?

All our website designs are responsive and clean coded. A responsive web design ensures that regardless of the device that a user is accessing your site from, a user friendly and tailored view has been designed for easy navigation of the website. With the importance of mobile optimized websites by google, all our designs are mobile responsive which help to scale and resize perfectly across modern devices be it your Android, Iphone, tablets, desktops or laptops.

Customized Web Design That Will Help to Grow Your Business

At Radiumsphere, we work towards totally customized websites without the use of regular ready made templates. This helps to make the websites beautiful and intuitive while totally understanding the needs of the business. This makes the website fast, modern and easy to update while getting higher rank from Google. From eCommerce website to a startup, we work towards businesses of all sizes to help them reach their target customers.

Wordpress Website Design in Bangalore

Are you still struggling to find a professional WordPress developer or an agency in Bangalore to develop your website design fast and at an affordable cost? Our team of expert WordPress developers will customized your WordPress website who truly would understand your brand and your target market.

The Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a popular webdesign platform in the world that powers more than 20% of all the websites in the internet. It is a highly customizable and makes updating and enhancing your website fast and easy.
– 100 % customizable
– Easily add new pages and functionality into your website
– WordPress is a Seo friendly platform
– Ecommerce Ready platform
– A large growing community
– Big Repositories of Themes & Plugins

Beautiful Websites With Full Features and Modern Functionality

We work towards robust and full featured websites that are complaint with the W3 standards for HTML. We take time to understand your business needs and add new powerful websites features are added by our in-house developers. We take care of both front end and back end development process keeping in mind with delivering a seamless and amazing user experience.

Qualities of a Good Web Design Company

Easy Site Customization

It is not only essential to have a good website design and for an every changing and demanding businesses, it is important to be able to customize the website in the backend easily. At Radiumsphere, we not only provide you with a fully responsive site with exciting features but also training and access to the backend while taking care of the technical aspects of the web development. You are able to easily understand and customize your interface without altering the code. You will be able to choose from multiple creative layouts, page templates, and custom developed WordPress plugins. The possibilities are virtually endless with complete customization and update without writing a single line of code. If you already have a WordPress website and want to customize it we can help you do it through our highly professional WordPress developers.

Design and Navigation

In a highly competitive world, visitors are not going to hang around a site for a long. This is where it is essential to have an efficient user experience. The navigation menu should be the primary gateway to different sections of the website. In the navigation menu, links should be strategically placed to view the content that might be of interest to them. By keeping visitors hooked on to your site and being able to move around seamlessly, you are able to get more page views, better display of your brand and able to generate more leads. Trying to keep consist design and with high quality content and images gives the users an impression that is modern and elegant.

Speed and Performance

Faster loading plays a major factor both in user experience and getting higher Google rankings. If your website is slow to load, it drastically reduces the site performance. Google says that if your site doesn’t load within three seconds and takes longer than that, an average user will leave the site. The speed test takes your URL and looks into things like JavaScript, CSS, page redirects, server response time, HTML, images and scripts of the website to check how long it takes to load both on a desktop and on a mobile device. You can check your current website speed at the Google speed test link.

Mobile Friendly

If your site is not mobile friendly, it can be penalized by Google and can affect your organic search engine rankings. As Google has been rolling out regular updates every year, it is imperative to have mobile friendly websites to boost ranking. Mobile friendly responsive websites give a rich experience of the website features that can be viewed on multiple devices and can receive significant increase in search result from Google. All our website design for developed keep in mind the importance of mobile friendly design. You can check the status of your mobile friendly site through the Google Mobile Friendly test.

Robust and Secure

We develop websites that are robust and secure and provide regular security updates to stay protected. According to Wp White Security, more than 70% of WordPress installations are exposed to hacker attacks and more than 20 million websites are vulnerable to brute force attacks. 99.99% of attacks on your websites can be blocked by following the addressing the security issues. Hosting your website with a good hosting company and regular WordPress updates helps prevent these threats.

Web Design Affects your SEO Rankings

Whether you are looking for a web design for a restaurant in Bangalore or a business, there are a number of different facets that you need to consider beyond the aesthetics of your website. You need to ensure that it’s going to work across a myriad of devices and make sure that it is easy for Google robots to index your website. It important that you have an up-to-date sitemap submitted to Google webmaster tools of your website and it is easy to crawl by Google bots. You need to avoid flashy content that may hamper your rankings. Proper h1 tags, Title tags, internal linking, sitemap, quality content and responsive design encourage search engines to rank it higher.

Web Design Features

We primarily develop our websites through wordpress, which powers more than 24 % of the web and the number is growing every single day. Everything from simple blogs, to website designs for startups, to ecommerce and enterprise websites are built through wordpress.

W3C Standard Compliance

W3C standards define an Open Web Platform and enables rich interactive experience in building Web applications available on any device.


Multilingual support setup for your WordPress site.

Search Engine Optimized

Get better visibility in the online space through our search engine friendly developed websites.

User friendly CMS support

Compete CMS support and training provided to easily maintain your website.

Good Hosting Plans

You can either opt to choose for a shared server or can opt for a dedicated server depending on your business needs.

Custom Domains

We help you register and choose your own custom domains to create your own niche brand.

Multiple Editing Options

Easily edit and create multiple pages, images and videos for your website without writing a single line of code.

In depth Analytics

Learn and know about the number of visitors to your site, bounce rate, new visits and custom analytics report through Google analytics.

Free Website Audit

Is your website SEO friendly? Are you struggling to get higher ranking in Google. Get a free audit report for your site.

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